Misija i vizija

Mission And Vision

MISSION: We offer a varied range of the highest quality products to our customers and end-users. The growth and smart business operations provide the profits for the company along with improving the quality and standard of living of both the company employees and local residents in general. Through effective and efficient business, we encourage the growth and development of fruit growers.
VISION: to become a recognizable brand of organic products whose quality and variety will satisfy all types of customers.
Balanced and healthy organic food has been increasingly important in our life. Whether or not you are an active athlete, your body needs healthy organic products. Healthy diet is particularly important for athletes’ success in training and competitions. Apart from athletes, these products are beneficial for pregnant women and children. Therefore, a little box of “energy” with highly-concentrated nutritional products and vitamins fits well in any bag, a student’s bag, a sports bag or an elegant one.
Fruit wines are a perfect harmony of fruit aroma and flavours which will activate your senses and remind you of fresh, just picked fruit. They are usually served in top restaurants at lunch time or with desserts, helping you feel more satisfied whatever age or gender you are.






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